Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Develop the Aricle or Writing on Niche ?

Now i assume you  got pretty good idea about what the Niche is and How to develop Sub Niche from the Main Niche and what are the evergreen Niche are( if not Please check the Previous Post ) Click Here. Now we has selected a Niche for our Blog the next step is writing the articles based on our Niche, for some of us writing an article is simple like eating a cake they are naturally gifted writers they not need to think about writing as some hard work they just do it as a routine i really don't know how they got such a good writing skills which make the readers to engage in not only reading but visiting them often ,

yes writing is a not only enough but keeping your readers to visit again your blog is the sucess of the Blog / Site which many good Natural writers fail to do , so what to do if we are having natural skill of writing or good article and was not able to keep the visitors stay in the blog / site this i thin we should be discussing in our future post , but write now i will share my ideas to Develop the Articles or writing about Niche

As a beginner we will be jumping into creating a Blog and will be able to write may be about 10 to 15 Post at most and will feel we got out of Ideas and will be asking Questions What to Write Next?, Have you ever experienced this if not then it is fine it only indicates that you are developed the skills of writing the Articles ,so What is my Next post ? what should I write about ? and got confused and you may be looking for some one for helping you , and even some times you may request to the Writer , How you are writing such a great Article , To be true i too felt the same in the beginning but now i think i why i did like that ? Requesting on some blog for help me to get articles , Remember if you are having any Question or doubts you should ask that is what i learned here in Blogging , yeah most of them will be happy to helping you to solve your problems what ever it, That is how i learned it here , by asking to few of my Good friends who always helped me to develop this blog . if not i would have left this blog very early . Because at one stage i too was asking what to write next ?

So dear Blogger my advice after selecting you blog which you are interested is to develop at least 50 Articles what you will be writing , by the time you finish the 50 Articles then you will be much experience and get a lot of ideas to develop next post for your blog ?

If you has read the post  What are the basic things of Blogging we are going to discuss here ? you can see i has mentioned 10 core topics i want to discuss, but till now i as discussed about 1 core topic , for you easy reference , i write here the 10 core topics here in the Blog School
  1. How to create your first Blog
  2. Structure of the Blog 
  3. What makes Social Networking different from blog 
  4. How to gain readers and Make your blog Popular
  5. How to make Living from your Blog
  6. Blogging Rules
  7. Tools for Blogging
  8. How to Track your Blog Visitors
  9. Basic Search Engine Optimization Techanique
  10. What is Ego Surfing
Till now i was developing the articles on first two topics , it means i was having a lot of topic to cover

So friends if you are still not able to develop ideas for you article let me know i will try my best to help you

Never Hesitate to ask for Help  

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