Friday, December 30, 2011

Basic things of Blogging

 What are the basic things of Blogging we are going to discuss her
  •  How to create your first blog – different blog platform
  • Structure  of a Blog and their uniqueness
  • What makes Facebook, Google + or Social Networking different from a blog
  • How to gain readers and make your blog popular
  • How to make a living from blogs - AdSense, Amazon, etc.
  • Blogging Etiquettes and Rules of the Web
  • Tools for Blogging - Blog Writers, Image Editors, Screenshots, Video Editing, etc.
  • How to track your blog visitors - Google Analytics
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Alternative form of Blogging - Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • Ego Surfing - Find what people are saying about you and your blog on the Internet
  • Online language translation and transliteration
I like to tell you in detail with best of my capacity, if you find any problem please let me know
I will be very happy to solve it    

But this not the only things we are going to look into but these are the few things we should be knowing and understand as a Blogger