Saturday, December 24, 2011

Success Story


Before we choose any Profession we are having a genuine anxiety to know how our feature will be. What if we start the Blogging as a Profession? , we will be having he doubts like following and many more

Is there any one able make living by doing blogging?
How much we can earn by Blogging?
Can this blogging is safe to consider as a Full time Job?
Will I be a successful in this Blogging?

My Honest answer is it will depend on your Potential and Hard work and Mostly the Time.
Yes Time if you spend more time by doing blogging and trying to understand the ups and downs of How to do blogging than you can definitely know the treasure hidden here in this Blogging. So I chose some of the People from My Locality to inspire me .I get inspiration from them not only by their achievements, but the Process involved to reach the Heights which they are now. The Hard work they applied and the amount of time they spend to reach here, Their Works are great Examples
The first is Labnol , Digital Inspiration By Amith Agwaral
How much I earn from this blog ?
Digital Inspiration blog gets around 1.25 million hits per month with a majority originating from Google followed by direct traffic (like bookmarks, rss feeds, etc)

How much Traffic Receive for this blog and from where?
The maximum site traffic comes from four countries - US, India, UK and Australia (in the same order). Alexa Traffic Rank for this blog is 3+ million page views per month

What is the Main Income Source for the Blog
A majority of monthly income is from Google AdSense but I do make some extra money from direct advertising, IDG and BlogAds

Read his story why he left his Job and Became the First Indian Blogger

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT and has previously worked with clients like ADP, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India's first and only Professional Blogger.

Amit is a personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal India. He also authors the hugely popular and award-winning Digital Inspiration blog where he writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, and web applications. He has also written columns on personal technology for CNN IBN, The Financial Express, Outlook Magazine, CNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times.

Amit has appeared on various TV channels and radio shows including CNN IBN, BBC Radio, CNBC, NDTV, and more. HT mentions Amit as the founder of the Indian blogging revolution, The Economic Times call him as an out-of-the-box thinker while the prestigious Straits Times of Singapore included Amit in their list of Asia's Blog Stars alongside Chinese actress Xu Jinglei and Japanese Ambassador Naoto Amaki.

Amit is a regular speaker at technology and blogging conferences. Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional award for five years in a row (2007-2011).

You can find Amit on Twitter, Facebook and on YouTube. Reach him at