Monday, December 26, 2011

What is Blog or To Know Blog

What is the Blog?

A blog is technically meaning “Web Log “means collection of Personal commentary Links and information which is Easy to crate and use from anywhere only you want is an internet connection. A better meaning is Blogs are a form of Internet Publishing tool that has become an established communication tool it is an alternative of mainstream media publication in these days too if you want to express yourself on some views through the mainstream media like movies or news papers or any other media it will be impossible for many of the common people. For people like us this Internet world has a great communication tool called blog in which you can express yourself.

Blogging is a way of getting your voice heard on the Net. There are several different ways you can blog, Your blog lets you to tell people about you, or about things you are interested in or passionate about. You can not only by text but by using photos, videos and audios you can make it even better 
To know Blog ,Depending on the nature of the content of in your blog it has been classified as a Personal Blog, Family Blog, community Blog, corporate Blog, Education Blog, Entertainment Blog, Tech Blog etc..... and goes on a long list.

Before starting your blog there are few important things which should be considered for better Blogging. Like Choosing the Design, Content, Time, Requirements, and Rules etc...

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