Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Create a Blog

Here i would like to give details of how to create a Blog as simple as possible ,There are Many Blog Platforms to Create a Blog but i chose to explain about using the Blogger and WordPress.In this session we would discuss How to create a Blog using the Blogger
I Assume you are having a  valid G-mail Username and Password if not create it Signup.
Now Go to Blogger.Com or Type in the address bar, Using your G mail Username and Password Sing up/Log in then The Following Window will appears
STEP:-1 Choose Your Blog Title , Blog Url and Enter the Verification Word and Click on CONTINUE
be sure while selecting the title and Url or address of the Blog,so that you need not change it again. if this your first blog then you not needed to worry about just create it to learn, Once you got families with this Blogging you will be having a better understanding what should be your Tittle and how should be your blog address more...    

STEP:-2  Choose The Template which is suitable for Your Blog , This Template can be changed as you wish in future since i expect this is your first blog so no need to spend much time here Just select anyone which is pleasing to your eyes and click CONTINUE
  STEP:-3 You has Created Your Blog , Now your Blog ready for Blogging so Start Blogging, so it means you need only 3 Steps to create a Blog .But it not the End This is only Start Blogging you should know about few more Sessions in the Blogger  like Posting,Comments,Settings,Design,Monetize,Stats,View Blog
Let us start with the Posting

New Post Here In Posting You can create a New Post or the topic you want to tell through your blog doing all typing,of your content , Article or insert a Pictures,Videos,Audios etc and changes chose a good tittle for that Post or Article and enter it in the Title Tab,and chose a Label of the topic for example if you Blog is about Health Tips and Your Post is about the Excess Fat, Yous can Label it as Tips to Reduce Fat , Like that
After completing all the arrangements like corrections and alinements in the post now it is time to Publish the Post, or before Publishing your post you can check the Preview of the content by clicking on the Preview Button if you are satisfied with the Preview then you click on Publish Post    

Edit Post :- In this tab is used to make changes for a Published post or Old post, if you would like to add some more content to the Published post .

Edit Pages :- it is not necessary to create a Page , in general the Published post will be the Home Page of the blog in the beginning we not need to worry about creating more pages for the Blog, as we get experienced we would like to add a page to separate the main topic to sub topic for example for Pages in a website  are HOME,ABOUT US, CONTACT US , etc...