Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Find a Good Title/Niche for a Blog ?

How to Find a Good Title/Niche?

If you are beginner then you might have difficult in understanding what does Niche means. But in a simple word a niche means the topic of your blog. It should be some thing related to your Blog Title, For example here the Title is Blog School and you are writings/Content is about How to create a Blog, Blogging Methods, something like that  
Finding a good niche is not really easy and you need to do proper research before selecting any. And if you select a wrong niche the chances are you won’t make money at all. so for you should be more careful while selecting the Niche/Title

What are the qualities Good Niche:
1. It should have demand. I mean people should search about this online.
2. People should spend money and time on it. Money if it is a Product, Time if it is a information  
3. You should be passionate about it and should have some knowledge. However there is one exception if you are ready to spend few hundred dollar then it is fine if you don’t have knowledge about the niche. You can easily outsource the complete content. But I don’t recommend any beginner to this. Even though you have money, simply avoid this. Start at least one blog of your own choice so that you get to know Blog better experience. Making money is all about experience and we can learn more and more from our mistakes.

Few Good Niches:
Let me give you some idea of good niches which has been generating money from past and will continue making money. You can think of this as evergreen niche. Few of these are my favorite too
However these are very Main niches and don’t create blog based on this. Select sub niches to create your blog. I will show you how to do that.
1. Health
2. Money
3. Self-Help
4. Software and Electronics
5. Home Improvement
6. Technology

These are only few and all are Main niches. Now let’s see how sub niches can be generated from this.

Main niche: Health
4 sub niches under Health:
1. Disease 2. Fitness 3. Beauty  4. Health

1. Diseases: Now again this is broad niche and you need to analyze it further. Lets see how to do it there are different types of disease and people always want to know the best treatment to overcome their disease. Means, there is demand and money and these should be the niche for your blog.

1.1 Arthritis
1.2 Asthma
1.3 Bad Breath
1.4 Bipolar disorder
1.5 Dandruff
1.6 Depression
1.7 Ear Infections
1.8 Eating Disorders
1.9 Eczema
2.0 Erectile dysfunction

And so on… If you do a study, you can find lot of niches on which you can create a site.
Similarly, let us analyze the second sub niche under Health

2. Fitness
2.1 Reduce Belly Fat
2.2 Reduce Thai Fat
2.3 Get six packs abs
2.4 Build Muscle and so on.

Like this we need to analyze each niche. Once you do it properly, I am sure you will see lot of opportunities.The above part gives you some general idea about good niche. Now let me show you the Main Niches List in details

Arts & Entertainment
Career & Occupation
Computer and Internet
Family Issues
Food & Cooking
Health & Fitness
Home & Garden
Philosophy & Religion

Here is the task for you , you can find as many sub Niches for these Main niches ,all the possible Sub Niches will be Published here in the Next post so in the mean time you can post the comments what you know so that I can include it in my next post