Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knowing about Comments

As we see in this picture there is no comments here, you may be thinking why a tab is created for comments, because as your blog get Popular you will be having more readers, among those readers if not all the visitors a few will like to give their suggestion or their views or arguments on your article as a beginner if you too want to comment on a blog or website

Scroll down to reach the comment box. If you don't see one, click on the "Comment" button under your blog post.

Fill in your name, email address and Web site if applicable, since you are having the blog address you can enter the Blog address in the space of Website
Take a moment to think about what you want to say in response. Controversy and debate is fine for most blogs, but you should always be respectful of readers. Read over your comment to make sure that it is worded correctly and has no spelling or grammar mistakes. It should reflect your ideas and opinions completely  

Click on the "Submit" button to post your comment

In Blog School we will get to know what the advantages of Comments are and how it is used in SEO