Saturday, May 12, 2012

What we are doing by Commenting on the Blogs

What we are doing by Commenting on the Blogs
Some times we may be leaving comments for an SEOValue. Other times we may be asking questions to clarify our doubts on the article so that you can gain more knowledge about it. There will also be times when you just posting comments for an interaction with the Author. But few will be simply Scamming which we should be worried about. So what are we doing on this by commenting on the Blog or Websites?

4 Reasons why i would Leave a Comment

Post a Blog Comment if the Content of the blog has useful to me. ? It takes so much time and effort to create a good post not only that but it should be useful some time in most of the site will display many eye catchy things after reading all I feel it is waste of time. So I Leave a comment when ever I find something useful to me from that site or Blog  

Interaction with Author Some time I may not be satisfied with the information and want to know more about it in detail, or may be having some doubts which need to clarify ? most of the time the comments used to be the good source of knowledge like a Master   

Recognisetion You may be thinking how we can get recognisetion by commenting on the blog ? Just take some time and comment below by giving entering Name/Url and  after few seconds you go to Google search and type the name you can find the comments you made on this BlogSchool.  You can try it by yourself. so it means my name is displayed for what I said on that Post, so make sure what we are commenting 

SEO Value Our comments will helps us to make progress in our online adventures like to build online relationships, to create a back links to the Website or blog , to increase in Page Ranking

So if you are having any other reason, feel free to let me know