Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to know Blog ID

How to know Blog Id
Now we will look what is a Blog ID , Blog Identification is a Unique number Just like our Bank Account Number. This will be create every time we create a new blog , don’t misunderstand with your account ,

So how can I find My Blogger ID?
  1.        Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2.        Select the Blog which you want to know blog id
  3.        See the  address bar,
  4.        This Unique Number is your blog ID
This is how to find the Blog ID for your Blog

You may be wondering why I need this Blogger ID
Mostly we will not worry about this Blog ID unless we come across some thing when we need it. Some times if we want to install some third party services or plug in which will be asking for the Blog ID , to identify this is very easy.