Saturday, September 29, 2012

Social Media Network Marketing

Social media Network , Now a days there will be only few people who don’t know what is a Social Media Network is , so I think there is no need to explain more about this Social media network, but let me give you few examples of this Social media network for those who are new to this Internet media and Blogging,
  1. Twitter
  2. FaceBook
  3. Pinterest
  4. Delicious
  5. Diggo
  6. Stumble Upon
  7. Orkut
  8. Google Plus
I think most of us will be having an account in one or more Social Network Media, but there are many more such Social Media Network sites available in the internet  

So Let us come to the point why we as a Blogger Should care about this social media Network, how this Network is going to affect our Blogging, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Social Media Network on our Blogging? Let us check it

As we all know in this Social Media Network we all are making our friends circle those who are known to us or mostly unknown to us but became friends by the interests we share in common , Did all these friends Know that you are having a Blog or website may be not , But in all Social Media Network we are having the option to add our Site / Blog in our Profile, By adding our Blog /Site to the Profile in this Social Media Sites the will get a chance to know about Blog/Site. It simply means we get exposure to our Blog/Site.
It means if you are having more social media accounts then you will be making more friends and get more visits for your Blog/Site. But in practical we can be active only in one or two sites, because logging in more sites will be time consuming, but I will not say it is a waste of time because if you are having time you should join and be active in as many sites as possible which a good thing is.

Here I offer a solution for those who are not having much time Log in to SocialADR, here in this site add you sites/Blogs in the bookmarks session and add all you Social Media Accounts in the Social Accounts Session, you can add up to 27 and more Social Media Network Accounts, once you added your Username an Password here then your Blog /Sites is shared here with all the People in the network

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