Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Did Facebook and Twitter Helps Blog ?

Will the Social Media like Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, is having any effect on our blog. 
Yes these Social Media is having a lot of effect in the success of a blog it helps to reach the people beyond our imagination this social media is likely comes number one in the Marketing or SEO of our blogs success , a blogger with out good social media is like missing out lot of potential opportunity to get success in promoting the blog.    

We want to know What is Social Media ?
Social media is a collective online communication where you can interact with people and share you interest ,ideas,content sharing etc.. 

Let us see what are the Social media we should not leave out.
1. Facebook
2. Twitter.
3. Google Plus
4. LinkedIn
5. Pinter est 

Facebook:- is a most popular free social networking site that allow us to register with the e- mail account. an we can use it to get connected with our friends and family  and can upload video , Pictures and can chat online.
Twitter :- is a free micro blogging website where we can register to use tweets, and follow other people tweets.
Google Plus :- is simply the replica of the Facebook with more features like to group u friends in different circles , you can categories you friends and people in as may circles you like.
LinkedIn :- this website is specifically designed for business community , here you can establish your business with the other people with bushiness intrests
Pinter est :- This site is mainly a picture site with the pictures or images,you may be thinking how we use it , you have to upload a picture with brief description, by clicking on the picture it will take the user to the original site, for example if you click on a image of School bag it will take you to the site whare you can buy that schoolbag.

These are the most important social media site you should not ignore.

 if you want to know how to update blog post with all this social media sites with less effort and little time?
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