Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Develop Main Niche to Sub Niche ?

How to Develop Main Niche to Sub Niche ?
I hope you all understood for my previous post what a Niche is and what are the Main Niches we are discussing here if not Click here for Previous post

Our First main Niche was Activism I hope I don’t need to explain what is Activism so let me show you what are the Sub Niche we can develop for this Activism the list is in alphabetic order for my convince

1.    Animal Rights
2.    Civil Rights
3.    Climate Change
4.    Disabilities
5.    Drug Policy
6.    Employment and workplace issue
7.    Fair Trade
8.    Firm arms policy
9.    Food safety
10. Genetic Engineering
11. Global Change
12. Global Warming
13. Health Care Policy
14. Human Rights
15. Immigration reform
16. Immunization
17. Literacy
18. Multi Cultures
19. Non violence
20. Oil and Gas
21. Peace and Nonviolence
22. Pollution
23. Population
24. Poverty
25. Race &Racism
26. Social Responsibility
27. Tax Reform
28. Term Limits
29. Violence
30. Waste Management
You can develop more list

Arts and Entertainment
1.    Art
2.    Design Arts
3.    Games
4.    Literature
5.    Movies
6.    Music
7.    Performing Arts 
8.    Pop Culture
9.    Television
10. Visual Arts
Careers and Occupations
1.    Accounting/Financial Services
2.    Advertising
3.    Agriculture
4.    Architecture
5.    Armed Forces
6.    Arts
7.    Banking/Mortgage
8.    Child Care
9.    Clerical/Administrative
10. College/University Student
11. Construction 
12. Customer Service
13. Design
14. Education/Training
15. Engineering
16. Entertainment
17. Facilities Maintenance
18. Financial Services
19. Health Care
20. Hospital     
21. Travel Tourism
22. Human Resources
23. Insurance
24. Internet and New Media
25. Internet Technology
26. Investing
27. Law Enforcement/Security
28. Legal
29. Library Science
30. Management Consulting
31. Manufacturing/Operations
32. Marketing
33. Media
34. Modeling
35. Music
36. News
37. Non-Profit/Volunteer
38. Pharmaceutical/Biotech
39. Photography
40. Programmer
41. Publishing
42. Real Estate
43. Recruitment
44. Restaurant
45. Repair/Maintenance
46. Sports
47. Technology
48. Tele Communication
49. Transportation
50. Writing
I think you has got Pretty Ideas about the Developing the Main Niche to Sub Niche and see the Picture for Better idea .we can still Make these sub Niche as Main Niche and we can do our developments so now you can select the Niche and develop it into Sub Niche, if you are still need any help for developing you can send your Niche to me, I will do my best to develop as much sub Niche as Possible from it

So after making this sub Niche here is a lot of list and I got another New Problem
How many Sub Niches should I Have for my Main Niche?
I will get with the Answer in my Next Post, so till then you can try to find answer for this so that you got TO KNOW BLOG Better.